Monday, October 03, 2005

Why is it that....

So the other morning I was late getting up which kind of figured into my getting ready time before I had to be somewhere. But since I was just going down the street I figured I would be safe from seeing people, but no I had to run into people that I knew. That got me to thinking. I don't know why the law is that the day you actually get ready and feel all great you never see anybody, but the day you jump out of the shower and run to the store with wet hair and glasses on is the day you will always run into exboyfriends or that cute boy that you have your eye on. So does that mean that if you want to run into somebody you shouldn't get ready?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Fall + New Boots = Good Time

I love fall. There is something about the changing of the season that makes me happy. Plus fall means football games, sweaters and most importantly boots. I've decided that everybody needs a pair of good boots. Ones that when you wear you feel like a million quid and you feel like you can do anything because you are wearing them. My "power boots" as I like to call them are black knee high boots that I bought this spring in London and yesterday was the first day that I could wear them and a lot of things went my way and I know that its because of the boots :) The highlight of the day, was attending a gathering last night where I was never at a loss for the company of guys and all of the guys commented at one point on the boots. So guys saying that they don't notice what we wear is untrue. And while the attention of all the guys was great, the best part was the guy that rejected me last week was there watching the events unfold with a jealous eye and its always nice to have a really good night when the person that passed you up is watching. Maybe that is why I had such a good night, not because of the boots, but because I was going to show him what he passed up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Im at the top of the list!

I was just told how cool I was by trevor, and I figured that was an interesting enough thing to post.