Thursday, September 27, 2007

I do enough dumb things during the day without you needing to push off your mistakes on me

I am usually a person who is able to go with the flow and not get riffled up over things. That is until I see an injustice and then I'm out for vengeance. Today my boss had a meeting with our distributors where they pointed our something that I had changed to the covers in response to a directive from my boss. Then to get a call from my boss putting all the blame on me make me really mad. He is the one that made the decision to change, not I. When it comes down to the consequences he should take the responsibility instead of me who has now become the scrap goat. If it was my mistake I would be the first one to own up to it and seeing that I am only human and make enough mistakes on my own I don't appreciate having someone else's mistakes thrust on me.

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