Friday, September 21, 2007

It just shows

On a frequent basis I find myself questioning peoples ability to think logically. I guess I take if for granted that people think through their actions before they do it, but two articles today make me truly question this. I know that there are people who try to push the envelope as far as they can, but who wakes up in the morning and thinks today would be a good day for me to strap a circuit board to my chest with wires and blinking lights and then go into the same airport where two planes were highjacked on September 11th and then be mystified that your supposed piece of art set off fears all over again. And this was an MIT student.
To read the story from MSN.

I am also trying to wrap my head around the saga that is Jena 6. What were the boys that put the nooses in the tree thinking in the first place? Just because there is no law against it doesn't mean that it was a smart thing to do. Where they looking to see how far they could go before they triggered emotions and actions? But I also don't understand the kids who commited a crime start crying foul when their actions are brought to light--this whole lack of responsibility for actions is a whole another topic. If the kids were tried without evidence and then charged I would look at this in a different light, the racial light that is being played out. But it wasn't. They committed a crime and they should be charged, regardless of what race they are. Committing a crime is not just limited to those of one race, it is universal and so the punishment should be universal. Are we going to get the the point where we can't prosecute anybody because they will say that the government is being racial by doing so?

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