Thursday, September 20, 2007

The yummy goodness that is Hob Nobs and Ice Cream

A pleasant little surprise was waiting on my desk this morning when I got in, a nice little package of Hob Nobs (a food whos presence in the United States is sorely lacking). After consuming five for breakfast---they have rolled oats so it was ok!;) And if getting a wonderful packet of hob nobs wasn't enough, I found that if you add a little ice cream to the biscuit(aka cookie) the wonderful Hob Nob is turned into something truly brilliant!

And for any of you out there wondering where the name cames from, here is your Etymology lesson. The name comes from an earlier phrase, to hob or nob, meaning "to drink together, taking turns toasting one another," probably from Middle English habbe "to have" and nabbe, a contraction of ne + habbe, "to have not," hence, "to have and have not, to give and take.

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