Monday, October 22, 2007

Hearty Thanks

This morning as I was driving into work that Tracy Lawerence song about finding out who your friends made me pause and think about the great friends I do have. I think sometimes we tend to take friends, like family, for granted because they are always there. I don't know if I express often enough how grateful I am for the brilliant friends in my life! They have provided a shoulder to cry on, an listening ear, and made me laugh. They have allowed me to be my true self and have pushed me to be better. I've also realized that I may not always be the best friend out there and I want to change that. So don't be alarmed if I start calling, email, gmail chatting on a more regular basis :)

and lastly lets keep the good times rollin'!


Don said...

Is it presumptuous of me to say, "you're welcome"? :)

amesbury said...

Not at all! :)