Monday, October 01, 2007

no pressure, but chocolate is always good

Funny story

Sunday afternoon a mutual friend texted my roommate about a group gathering that evening. Since she was making bread I was given the assignment to text back and let him know that we were coming. I made the first text successfully and told him that I was the one doing the texting instead of my roommate because she was baking bread. He texted back that he felt like he should make cookies for that evening. I texted "No Pressure, but anything chocolate is always good" and sent the text away thinking nothing about it. About 10 minutes later one of the girls from the ward knocks on our door and asks when my roommate is. I told her that my roommate was out by the basketball courts and she head off to find her. She walks over to my roommate and was like "This is the only chocolate I had in the house I hope it will do"? To which my roommate was like "thanks, but why did you bring me chocolate?" Well it was discovered that I had sent the chocolate text not to the friend, but rather to my roommates visiting teacher and being the faithful visiting teacher she is she got a message about a need and did what she could to rectify the situation!

Lesson learned. Visiting Teachers really are wonderful and if you are using somebody else's phone to text be careful of what you say and who you send it to!

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Bewitched Librarian said...

Chocolate is always good. I think she's a brilliant visiting teacher.

Too bad it wasn't British chocolate. I'd kill for a Yorkie right now.