Thursday, February 07, 2008

Out of the habit

It's hard for me to believe that it has been almost two months since I last posted. And I was doing so well (at least for me).

One of my friends blogs does her top 5 things she is grateful for each day. I loved the idea and have been doing in nightly as part of my journal writing and figured if I was to do it as part of my blog it would make me write everyday! :)

6 February 08
1. Real Bacon. I don't eat bacon all that often but when I do I want the real stuff and not some fat free good for me version.
2. Yoga. Though I am still trying to figure out some of the position names.
3. Successful Valentines day treat dropoffs
4. Seeing the Temple busy
5. Finding cool new stuff. a site where people tell about the funny things that they used to believe in. The Sartorialist a cool blog about what people are wearing.

5 February 08
1. Having the ability and freedom to vote.
2. Not having to wear a coat during lunch.
3. Freeway driving and better gas mileage
4. Having a younger brother who isn't grown up enough to have lost his Childlike wonder for life.
5. Cookie dough

4 February 08
1. The new First Presidency
2. Trying on a smaller size pair of jeans and having them fit!
3. Having our furnace fixed
4. Knowing that we are all in the same boat when it comes to dating
5. Being able to decorate the apt.

3 February 08
1. Being told that I am the best and classiest dresser in the ward- totally vain I know, but Audrey Hepburn is my style icon!
2. Really long sunday naps
3. Incredible sunday meetings
4. Seeing people date
5. 1 inch of snow instead of the expected 10

2 February 08
1. To be taught and have the example of a wonderful man
2. Seeing the 12 all gathered together.
3. Watching the apostle on either side of Elder Wirthlin support him as the casket went by.
4. Having Bryce tell me that he would rather have me sit with him and with my friends. (no wonder he has me wrapped around his finger)
5. Having great friends who share, understand and respect my beliefs.

1 February 08
1. Blue skies and sunshine instead of snow
2. Not getting hurt when I slipped on black ice
3 Finding a parking spot. There is NEVER enough parking.
4. Becoming the "cool" person because i've got tickets for President Hinckley's funeral.
5. Having the boy that scares me in the ward not talk to me.

31 January 08
1. Finally getting the courage to tell someone I am not interested.
2. Dance class
3. No snow
4. Making eye contact with cute boys
5. Watching guys serve willingly

30 January 08
1. Having our next door neighbors give me their covered parking spot.
2. Emails from friends
3. Knowledge of the role of women
4. Friends who call just to make sure everything is ok.
5. My new yellow dishes.

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