Thursday, March 27, 2008

At least I wasn't wearing a shower cap

Last night as I was covering my plants in anticipation for today's snowstorm, it reminded me of that moment from "Return to Me" when she goes out to cover her plants in her bathrobe and shower cap and then runs into the cute boy. Though no cute boy as I did so--and minus the bathrobe and shower cap.

I felt so domesticated as I covered my plants since I am the first to confess I've never been much of a gardener. I like the benefits of the garden, the fresh vegetables and flowers, but hated the weeding and the all of the dirt getting underneath my finger nails. But this year I decided to turn over a new leaf and try my hand at gardening and see if I have a green thumb! Maybe because I have been anxious for spring for months and am willing to do ANYTHING that makes it feel like spring! As I've gotten my backyard garden ready, I've been pleasantly surprised as to how much I've found I've loved wandering through the garden store and deciding on what flowers and vegetables I would plant. I've now got planters filled with peonies, pansys, tulips, daffodils and one other one which I forgot what it is. I haven't touched my vegetables yet, but considering the snow this week maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.


Brittany Plothow said...

that just made my night

Bewitched Librarian said...

So impressed that you are actually doing it. I loved the idea of the garden. Have you named the apartment yet?