Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I feel like i'm in junior high

Yesterday as I was on facebook, I got a message pop up message saying "someone in sandy has a crush on you" click here to find out who it is. For about a microsecond I was flattered and kind of wanted to click on it to find out who it was and then I realized that I am 25 and not in Junior High and that I wasn't going to give into Junior High games. If somebody has a "secret" crush on me, and the only way there were ever going to reveal this was through a website I was definitely not interested. Junior High games are fine and all when you are in Junior High, but you should leave them behind when you leave that stage of your life.


Don said...

Don't you love how much time you can waste on Facebook? Not to mention how it can make you feel like a little child again.

Logan and Emily said...

you're way better than me...I totally would have clicked on it. How embarrassing!