Monday, May 19, 2008

St. George

The St. George Gang (Nate, Me, Heather, Jackie, Sandra, Rob, Brad, Lori, Alex, Sarah, Mike)

The hardest part about a vacation is having to come back! Especially after you have spent a weekend relaxing, laying at the pool, staying up late and sleeping in early. I think I could spend all my time traveling.

Highlights from the St. George trip
1. Dance add-on in the pool and the fabulous dance that ensued.
2. Great people that made me laugh.
3. Making new friends
4. Sun and a tan
5. Not answering my phone
6. flirting
7. Staying up way to late (though I found out that I can't do it like I thought I could)
8. Funny oneliners
9. Games, especially enjoyed "hot seat"
10. Realizing that people are constantly watching and to always be your best self


Don said...

Yeah... still jealous that I wasn't able to go. I would have loved to have been in the hot seat. :)

amesbury said...

I am sure you would have!