Friday, May 23, 2008

A weekend of extremes

Last night as I was packing boots and snow gear for the trip to Idaho this weekend I was thinking about how it was a polar opposite from the bag I packed last week. I went from flip flops and shorts to long johns and boots. From 100 degree weather to 50 degree weather. Which is the only part of this weekends trip that I am not looking forward to. As I packed I realized that while the type of clothing changed the most important part of the trip, the memories will not. So I am looking forward to another fun filled weekend!


Megan and Todd said...

Wow, sounds like you are everywhere! Where in Idaho are you going? When we left, it was 85 degrees in Boise...nice and warm!

ash said...

Sounds like your summer is getting started with some fun vacations. Good luck with the temperature. At least it will be in the 50s and not the 30s, eh?