Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why can't I....?

So I think that I have finally gotten over the debacle that happened just over a week ago. I am sad to see this season come crashing down, especially after I had such high hopes for BYU and to watch Utah make it is just so incredibly hard.

Anyway I was talking to my roommates the other night after one of my dates and asked "is it too much to ask for a guy who loves BYU football?" Which struck me as kind of funny. Where most girls are asking for guys to like sports less, I just want to find a guy that likes BYU football. I harbor secret ambitions to be one of those ladies that is still going to the game when I am in my 80's. I've joked that one of the most romantic gifts I could get are season tickets. In junior high and high school whenever we were asked to write about our dream day, somehow mine always involved a football game. Football is one of the reasons why I love fall so much. I love walking to the stadium and seeing that sea of blue, it makes me all tingly inside. And when the team rushed out to the field for the first it is pure joy. So to go out on dates with guys who look at me like i've sprout a horn when I tell them I LOVE football and have only missed two home games in over eight years really is something else. I know that there are characteristics that we want in a future spouse and then there are those that we would like, a BYU football fan isn't one of them--that is a need. :) I hope this doesn't jinks me to marry a U football fan. I don't know if I could do that!

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