Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Isn't it exciting?


When I found out a couple of months ago that Spencer and Sara were having a baby I was thrilled. While I was happy that they were having a baby, I was so thankful that both mother and baby were healthy. Knowing Sara's story really makes that a miracle. Sara and Spencer had their appointment on Friday to find out what they were having. I got a text message from them before we were to meet up at Laura's graduation saying something like you'll know what we are having by what we are wearing. Getting to the Marriott Center and seeing them in PINK was so exciting. I can't wait to be an aunt!


(I think all of us thought they were going to have a boy since we are all in blue)

It's fun to have someone else join the ranks of the graduated--now hopefully she can get a job. I've decided that graduation, like prom, is one of those let down moments. You've put all this hard work into it and somehow the two and a half hour wait to get a piece of paper seems anticlimactic and a little boring. Laura kept texting after she received her diploma, "can we leave?"


Saturday afternoon as I was driving home from Provo I got this message from my friend Jonny who was like I've just got Wicked tickets, do you want one of them? Do I want one? Are you kidding me? I stood in line for seven hours in the cold and came away empty handed--except for the cold I picked up. So to be handed a Wicked ticket out of the blue made my day.

The tickets we had were amazing. 10 row center. To be able to see the expressions on the faces of the actors was beyond compare. When Gelinda threw her wand off stage and instead of it landing off stage it hit her in the head, I could see them biting back the laughter. But no matter where I was in the theatre I would have LOVED the production. It was beyond belief. Defiantly in the top five of best musicals I've seen live and very close to that number one spot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Diamond in the Rough

I came across this video and story yesterday and it made such an impression on me.

Maybe it's because I think we can all relate. I think we have felt at one time or another that everybody is against us, that we haven't been given the opportunities we would like, we've been judge for who we are on the outside instead of what we are in the inside.

I think about all the times in my life where if I had left my initial judgment at that, what I would have ended up missing out. Some of my greatest friends have been ones that I've misjudged.

I also liked how she wasn't afraid to go after her dream when the opportunity was finally presented. Sometimes we only get that one chance but don't always realize the chance we've been given and so we let is slip by us.

Take a moment watch the video and remember to seize life and it's opportunities.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

California Adventures

This past weekend was a spur of the moment trip to California that turned out brilliant. There was something really magical about the trip, and not because we went to Disneyland, but rather because it's wonderful to have great friends that are so comfortable together and allow you to be your self. It's friends that will cram into a photo booth, skip down Disneyland, dance on the beach, laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself, and rock-out in a car.

Things I Loved about the Trip in Pictures


Sand between the toes

Watching the waves crash

Never being too OLD to build a sandcastle

Finding someone else to willing to get wet

Dancing on the beach

A spectacular crash and burn

Soaking up the sun

Jumping in the waves

Not caring that the water was SUPER cold

Climbing the cliff

Enjoying the views with friends



Riding that first ride

Wearing crazy hat...I should have taken up the bet to wear it all day, because don't I look good in it? :)

Channeling our inner princess

Choosing the right path to all over the best rides at Disneyland (well maybe not all the rides)

Out spinning everybody else. . . even if it did make us slightly sick

Finally being able to ride the Davy Crockett Canoes

Finding that the jokes still haven't changed, yet still laughing at them

Decreasing our age by about about 10 years

Being able to experience a NEW park


Beautiful Flowers

Picture taking

Gardenes!! even if it was a little small

Beautiful architecture

Santa Monica

Craziness on the pier


Childrens ride

Dressing up the guys. I think we did a good job!

Four adults, one photo booth, and one digital camera

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

This is how we wish most of the Ferris wheel ride was. It actually looked more like

and the things we didn't get pictures of
out rocking the teenagers in the car next to us
Ice cream cookies at Deedee Reese
Dinner over looking the santa monica pier
Ruby's Diner (was worth almost missing our flight for)
dancing down the pier and almost taking out a little old lady

and the not so good highlights
losing Jonny at the "N"
only getting back with four out of the five of us