Friday, June 05, 2009

The elusive 100 post

For the last couple of weeks, knowing that the next post would be number 100, it's almost like it is taunting me to come up with a really good post to mark that milestone. It's like getting your drivers license, buying your first car or getting your first kiss. All important milestones in and of themselves, but somehow knowing that you will have to relate those experience for the rest of your life puts undue pressure on them. Luckily though, I came up with the perfect 100th post--100 things I would like to do someday. (In no particular order and hopefully there are no repeats).

1. Get Married
2. Restore a house
3. Ride a camel
4. Get kissed under the La Tour Eiffel
5. Visit all the US military cemeteries outside of the United States
6. Serve a mission (hopefully as a senior couple)
7. Go on an archeology dig
8. Live outside of the United States
9. Get a Master's Degree
10. Buy a horse
11. Learn how to make cabinets
12. Have kids
13. Go on a pioneer trek (a real one involving wagons and lots of walking)
14. Run for office
15. Live in a small town
16. Be in charge of the Fourth of July activities
17. Visit Prague
18. Write a book
19. Visit Israel
20. Go sky diving
21. Learn how to sail
22. Open my own business
23. Teach a class (high school or college)
24. Visit all 50 states
25. Finish my scrapbooks
26. Buy a letterpress
27. Do a humanitarian project
28. Enter something in a county fair
29. Visit the seven wonders of the world
30. Start my own non-profit
31. Visit Guatemala
32. Watch a race at Ascot
33. Ring in the fourth of July in Boston, Philadephia and DC
34. Visit Holland when the tulips are in bloom
35. Own a Mini
36. Visit the homes of my ancestors
37. Collect my families history
38. Backpack across Europe
38. Buy something once that's way too expensive, but I can't live without it
39. Build a tree house
40. Escape somewhere where there is no phone or internet service
41. Go on a cruise
42. Attend a Betsy-Tacy convention
44. Go to cooking school
45. Learn how to cake decorate
46. Be in a movie
47. Learn how to knit
48. Go on a five star white water rafting trip.
49. Visit Aztec and Mayan sites
50. Do humanitarian work
51. Own a house with a porch where I can watch the sun set and the rain fall.
52. Stay at the worldorf-astoria.
53. Work for the Library of Congress
54. Become a member of the Daughter of the Utah Pioneers
55, Attend a black-tie event
56. Purchase something that comes in a little blue box
57. Be vital in the education of someone else
58. Work in an inner city
59. Be a Cougar Club member
60. Teach my children the meaning and value of hard work.
61. Visit a consecration camp site
62. Become Scuba certified
64. Spend a night at a lighthouse
65. Attend a World Cup game
66. Ride the Chunnel
67. Dive, just once, an Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or Ferrari
68. Ride the world’s tallest roller coaster
69. Be in Sweden for St. Lucia day
70. Do a Sound of Music sing-along tour
71. Attend a show on broadway
72. Watch a metor show in the dessert
73. Go abandoned building hunting
74, Visit Amesbury, England
75. Visit the wall my great great great grandfather made
76. Go with my husband to his mission
77. Pick up my children from their missions
78. Ride in a Gondola
79. Become a tour guide
80. Buy a guidebook for a specific places and then visit all the places mentioned.
81. Make a patchwork quilt
82. Have a house with a library
84. Check out a book from the Library of Congress
85. Read the bible from cover to cover
86. Get Lasik
87. Have a real honest to goodness garden
88. Own a table saw
89. Home school my kids
90. See Germany at Christmas time
91. Take a trip with just my parents
92. Take a trip where the final destination is unknown, just drive until we something hits my fancy
93. Present at Education Week
94. Take a picture everyday for one year
95. Go on a honeymoon to England
96. Be proposed to along the Thames (this one may be slightly unrealistic :)
97. Have a magnetic wall in my house
98. Visit all of the continents
99. Serve more regularly
100. Live life with no regrets


Jen Gillespie said...

Ames, that is an awesome list! How long did it take you to come up with that? Some of those sound like they would take me 3 lifetimes or more to do! But could definitely do it! Good luck cutie, and happy 100th post.

The Jeff Bylund Family said...

I really enjoyed reading this list. I hope you get to do them all.:) Great idea for a 100th post.

The Ortons said...

Love the list. its perfect. I want to do some of those things with you!!