Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mastering the Art of French Cooking

I just finished watching Julie and Julia and I came out of the movie with this intense desire to cook. Funny I know. If it wasn't 12:15 and I wasn't so tired, I would be in my kitchen right now.* I've always enjoyed cooking--I find it therapeutic as I mix this and that together, improvising here and substituting there, all the while hoping that the final creation will turn out. On occasion they don't, but that's ok. Failure is part of the whole cooking process. I think there is some life lesson in that statement, maybe one day I'll figure out exactly what it is.

But even more than the desire to cook, I found myself constantly thinking I can relate to that, or that is something I want in my life.

1. I enjoyed that Julia Child's life didn't go as planned. Not married until 40. Wasn't able to have children of her own. But that didn't stop her. She was true to herself.
2. She cooks in high heels and pearls.
3. She wasn't afraid to wear high heels despite the fact that she was taller than her husband. I enjoyed that she embraced who she was flaws and all.
4.She didn't let disappointments stop her. Her book was rejected a couple of times, and while she sometimes questioned why she did things she kept moving forward.
5. She found something to do in life that she was passionate about.
6. She was willing to learn, and needs be at times fail, to master a skill.
7. She believed that if she was going to do something she should do it right. (her cookbook took over 8 years to finish).
8. She embraced whatever stage of life she was in.
9. She didn't take life too seriously. She knew that life was meant to be lived and that the memories you make are the most important things.
10. That butter makes everything taste better (so true).
11. That if she can learn how to cook French food, so can I.
12. Just because something looks hard, doesn't always mean that it is hard.

*disclaimer. I started this on Friday night and no I haven't baked a single thing in the days since.


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Your post makes me want to see the movie and eat! :)

Logan and Emily said...

my mouth is still watering over the bruchetta at the start of the movie.