Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrating two anniversaries

The BYU-UCLA last year is one of those games that is hard to forget. 59-0. It can't get much better than that. But I learned an important lesson at that game--Cute ballet flats and slick bleachers don't mix, especially if the game is exciting and you are jumping up and down on the bench. About five or ten minutes into the game BYU made an incredible play I started jumping up and down and before I knew it I lost my footing and fell back on my left ankle. It was only about a five inch difference between the bench and the floor, but as soon as I landed on my ankle I knew I had hurt it. It became painful to put pressure on it, but I was a true blue BYU fan and it didn't even occur to me to leave the game early. So I spent the rest of the game standing on one foot and refraining from jumping up and down, which considering the game was hard to do.

When it was still sore the next day, I figured it was just a bad sprain and started treating it as such--Ice, no gym, wrapping it, etc.

When it was still sore at one month, I didn't think much about it. Neither did I when it hurt at two, three, and four months. When I was still in pain at times at five months I realized that something was probably wrong and set up a physical therapy appointment.

Then in California, while enjoying the surf, I was hit by a wave and fell onto the ankle again.

After five weeks of therapy and I was still in pain, the physical therapist recommended that I go see an ankle specialist. This recommendation was made after I had booked my trip to DC and so I strapped on my ankle brace and braved the pain (though by the time I finished my last day, my ankle hurt so much that I could barely walk when I reached the airport in Tuscon for my connecting flight)

I saw the specialist the day after I got back from DC. He took some x-rays and the x-rays came up clean. But my tendon was inflamed and he concluded that I had tendinitis and gave me a walking boot and told me to come back in a month weeks. I went back at 5 weeks, still in pain and he told me that he wanted to combine physical therapy and the weening out of the boot. He said best case scenario, I would be out of the boot in two weeks, worst case a month. Two weeks passed and I was only out of the boot for about 3 hours, by five weeks the total has risen to about five hours. Going back to the the doctors, he had happy news--the tendinitis was healed. Problem though, my ankle still hurt. So it became time for plan B- an MRI.

The results of the MRI was that I had a Ganglion cyst, and no I don't have a huge bump like the picture shows. Because the Ganglion cyst is filled with fluid, they weren't able to get a clear picture of the tendon and there is the small possibility that there is a tear on the tendon.

So on the week one year anniversary of the injury and 3 month anniversary of being in the boot, I celebrated by scheduling surgery for the 8th of October.


Jen Gillespie said...

Oh, bumb deal Ames! That stinks. You are a tough one to stick it out for so long without even seeing anyone. Hope the surgery goes well. I will be think of and praying for!

James said...

Oh man! Long road to surgery. Hope everything goes well and that you'll be pain free!