Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Lesson in Communication

I'm sitting at my computer doing my best not to cry and that quote by Sister Hinckley that says something like "I can either laugh or cry and crying gives me a headache keeps running through my head."

My hair had finally reached that I don't care what you do, I'm going to look awful and a ponytail is your best bet stage, so it needed to be cut. I've have this hair dresser, that I found after a number of bad haircuts, in Provo that I really like but: he's expensive (hospital bills are pricey), he's in Provo (I've already driven down there a number of time this past week and I didn't want to do it again), and he only works certain Saturdays (Saturdays are sacred), led me to try somebody up here.

Because I've had bad hair cuts in the past I'm pretty cautious about trying new people. There is NOTHING worst than sitting in the hairdresser chair crying because you hate what they've done with your hair, knowing that it will take months, if not years to fix. And until it finally grows out, you are going to feel fat and ugly, which never does wonders for your self esteem.

So I went into this hair appointment prepared--armed with two pictures. What I wanted was a haircut that kept most of the length in the front--I even showed her where I wanted the existing layers to end up at--while I knew that more would have to be removed from the back. I told her about fine my hair was and how the last thing I wanted was a hair cut the emphasized my round face. Before she cut, she showed me exactly where she was going to cut and everything looked ok.

Then the cuts came and I knew it wasn't going to be what I wanted and that she was going MUCH shorter than we agreed upon. I was ok with cutting off the somewhere in the 2-4" range. I was NOT OK with the 7+" range. And guess what? I HATE IT!! As I walked away, the only thought in my mind besides how much I hated it and that of course it is just my luck that I have an ugly hair cut heading in the the "picture taking" holiday season. Great this hair cut is going to be documented in all of it's glory not only for posterity, but on facebook as well.

Lesson learned from tonight is that communication is a tricky thing. What you are saying is not always heard and just because you've agreeded upon length or cut doesn't mean that it will end up looking like that. It also reminded me why I value my hairdresser in Provo so much--he hears what I am saying. In all of the years I've been going to him I've never had a bad haircut. And walking out of the salon feeling good is worth EVERY penny I spend.


Meg said...

Oh, Amy! I'm sorry! It's the worst to try to hold it together when you look in the mirror and don't see what you want! Although, I must say, now I'm curious. Hope today is better!

The Ortons said...

AHHH! I need to see a picture. I'm sure its not that bad. Same color still? I hate it when that happens. I'm sorry! Love you

Megan said...

Yes, I would like to see a picture! I cringe still at how short I got my haircut last wasn't terrible but it was sooooo short.

It grows!