Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little Ingenuity

In the movie, there is scene where something goes wrong and the main character has to make a new outfit from things in her purse and can totally pull it off. I had a moment like that on Sunday. Ok maybe I didn't totally pull it off--but considering what I had to work with I was pleased.

I was wearing this new shirt jacket. I remember as I put it on thinking that none of the buttons were attached all that securely but church was only three hours so really what could happen in that times?

As we start relief society, I get up to conduct and off falls the top button. Losing the button isn't ideal, but it's livable. Then sitting in Sunday school, yes sitting, a second button falls off. At this point there is no way I can wear it. The loss of two buttons is making it pucker and do all sorts of weird things. Normally I would just gone home and change outfits, but it was an H-3 Sunday (three singles wards with between 350 and 500 members meet together) and I didn't want to lose my close parking spot. Maybe it was laziness or maybe it was because I probably shouldn't be wearing heels yet and didn't want to walk farther than absolutely necessary.

So the only option left was to see what in my car I could turn into a passable outfit. Often I have a sweater in my car, but of course I was out of luck. I did find an ugly sweatshirt-- that defiantly not have worked.

At this point it was looking like I would have to drive home and change the whole outfit, but then I saw it. A black pashmina. I thought i could just wrap it around my neck and be good to go, but doing so didn't cover as much of the old shade shirt that I wanted to. I tried knotting it in the front, but that wasn't working either. Then inspiration hit. I was wearing an elastic type of bracelet and the bracelet would allow me to gather the scarf in front and cover most of the shade shirt.

I walked back into Sunday school proud of the makeshift outfit I had created...so that is how all of those movie characters felt.

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