Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Crazy Family

My family is crazy, but honestly that's the one of the reasons I love them.

Most families would be discouraged by 30 degree weather and rain, but not us. What do we decided to do? We go miniature golfing in it! We may have some small hiccups--our balls getting stuck in a frozen tunnel, frozen patches of water on the course, and wet and muddy golf balls. But it was so much fun. It was watching Louisa's golf ball ending up off the course more often than not, Bryce pacing off the course, Jane hunched over the score card trying to keep it dry, and Mom shooting better than all of us.

We even set a trend with our outdoor golfing, by the end a couple of families had joined us. I guess they decided they would rather be cold then holed up in a disgusting arcade that smelled like sweat and babies--yuck!

Bryce pacing off his shot.
With your hood pulled down can you even see?

Louisa's ball spent a lot of time off the course.

(Yes, that's ice on the pond)

But this isn't the first time we've choose to play miniature golf outside in February. We did so in 2006, but it was slightly warmer then. (Yes, we were missing some members of the family, Laura and Spencer were on a mission.)

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James said...

How fun! That is serious dedication to the sport of mini-golf.