Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara

Happy 22nd birthday Sara! I don't know how I lucked out to have gotten such a wonderful sister-in-law. The bar has been set high for all my future sister-in-laws!

From the moment, Spencer first talked about Sara I knew she was a special girl and it's true.

Here's what I think is so amazing about you.

1. Your willingness to join our family. :) Every since the first moment, you've jumped in full force.

2. Your laughter. When you start laughing it's contagious.

3. Your sense of humor. Your humor matches our dry Orton humor. But I've watched you deal with many of life's unpleasant moments with laughter instead of tear.

4. Your strength. No matter what is thrown at you, your able to deal with it. The trials you've faced have shaped you into the woman you are.

(This picture typifies your love of life that I had to include it)

5. Your love of life. You've got this knack for making every moment matter.

6. Your sweetness. You are concerned with everybody around you and making sure that all are included and feel welcomed.

7. Your many talents. It seems that everything you do you do it well--whether it be cooking, creating, or playing the recorder.

8. The fact that you can pull of sweatpants and somehow still look fabulous. (A talent I totally envy).

9. That you bring out the best in Spencer. I've watched Spencer mature and grow in ways that I know you're the reason for, he's truly blossomed under your love.

10. Your testimony. Your depth and commitment to the gospel are impressive and have given me a glimpse of the fabulous mother you will be.

So Happy Birthday! Here's hoping that 22 will be everything you've hoped for and dreamt of!


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Megan said...

Amy...I read Sara's blog because I hopped on it from yours...and I love reading it :) At 22, she has been through more than I hope I have to in my whole life and I find her personality inspiring :)