Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's been one of those months

It's official--I HATE FEBRUARY! Really, what good things happen in February? It's dark, cold, and all around depressing. And I don't know why, but this February has been worse than normal.

I should have taken it as a sign that February wasn't going to be my month when my car got hit, in the parking lot, while I was running errands. Much like the earthquake in Chile shifted the earths axis, that crash shifted my universe and set into motion a series of unfortunate events

Because of the hit, I once again found myself without a car. (Loved my BMW to death, but I found myself without a car on a surprisingly frequent basis).

My switch for the back window broke last year and I refused to pay $600 dollars to have it fixed, (duct taped window is always a classy look) but when the body shop said they could do it for $200, I was willing to have it fixed. Three weeks later all I had to show for it was the panel of my door removed, and two trips into the body shop to see if the part they ordered fit--none of them ever did.

As I was coming home from my class two weeks ago my car was making a strange clicking noise and my check engine light came on. One thing I can say for my car is that it's very dependable...every five months something else breaks down. I took it in only to receive the bad news that my timing chain would need to be replaced. Do you know how expensive it is to fix a timing chain on a BMW? It's not worth it. So for the second time in three weeks I found myself without a car and deciding if I needed to wash my hands of the car I had paid off only a year before.

During that next week of being carless my ride to a ward activity forgot me, I got a cold from walking home from work, I had to wear my glasses when my eyes reacted to my contacts, I had one of the worst cases of acne, and I could feel my ankle losing all the muscle and strength I had spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding.

Right there was enough to make most people want to throw in the towel, but my month didn't end there. Two of the best events are still to come.

I'm taking a class and needed to be downtown by six for it. I was to catch the 5:10 train which would drop me off at temple square with enough time to get a bite to eat. I missed the 5:10 train and when the next trax train arrived I didn't even look at it's final destination--the U. I took the only available seat on the train, only to realize I was sitting next to an openly gay young adult who was talking to someone on the phone about his relationship with his lover. Yuck! I was so intent on reading my book to block out my neighbor, that we almost arrived at the U before I realized that I've been on the wrong train the whole entire time. My class doesn't start for ten more minutes and I think that there may just be enough time to catch the westbound train and grab something to eat. I've only ridden the west bound train once before and I sitting backwards and not being able to read the poster of the stops wasn't doing me any favors. As I was sitting there, a homeless teenager asked if he could use my phone to call his friend to pick him up. I told him he could, but that I would need my phone at the next stop. The next stop came and he was still on the phone. By the time I was able to get my phone back, the doors were closed and wouldn't open. I got off at the next stop and realize that the closet place to get something to eat was two block back--by my stop. By now it's already six and I know that I'll have to run--not something I'm supposed to do quite yet. I run the two blocks back, order a quick sandwich and then begin my trek across Temple Square with a sandwich in one hand and all my books in the other. By the time I arrive to my class, I'm twenty minutes late, my ankle is killing me, and I don't have time to prepare for my class presentation.

Halfway through the class I realize that I am on the verge of tears. I very seldom cry and to do so in public and in front of a bunch of strangers is out of character.

The month ended on a positive note--I bought a car. It's under warranty, I got a screamin' deal, and they took my totally useless BMW and gave me money for it. All I had to do was to get my BMW to the dealership. I could have driven it down, but I was so afraid that my timing chain would go out on the ride down and that if it did I would no longer get the money promised for the trade-in. So I did the responsible thing, I got to work early so I could leave by three to pick up my door panel from the body shop, vacuum out my car, and meet the tow truck at the 4pm tow time. At three thirty the tow truck said that he would be late but should be there by five fifteen. Since my family was doing dinner at 6:30 I figured it would be best to head down before the tow truck guy and get the paperwork I need to fill out, filled out. When I got to the dealership at 5:30 I called the towing company to see where they were. He said that they were just loading the car onto the truck and would be there soon. 6:15 rolls around and there is still no sign of the guy and I've driven that road enough times to know that it doesn't take 45 minutes to get from Holladay to American Fork so I call him again. This time he says that he's in Sandy and will be there shortly. At this rate I'm thinking that I'll still be able to batch my family for dinner. 6:45 rolls around he's still not here, so I call again and get no answer. 7, 7:10, 7:20 roll around and still no tow truck. He finally rolls in at 7:40 and I've still need to have the car inspected. I'm finally able to leave the dealership at 8 at which time my family is no longer at dinner and I've almost burst into tears for the second time in a week.

I'm only hoping that my world rights itself soon.


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

You need a little rest and relaxation. Good news - It is now March and things can't get any worse. You're a trooper!

Teresa said...

Oh Amy! I'm so sorry for the horrible month! I feel we need a girls night out or something soon to make up for February.

And congrats on getting a new car, I hope this one treats you better :) What kind of car is it?

Britley said...

I'm so sorry that this month has been such a rough one! It sounded awful! I need to come up and see you soon!

On a side note, your blog background is lovely. :)

ash said...

Gee, none of this sounds fun at all. I'm glad you got a new car. Plus, at least you were able to go miniature golfing with the fam. Although cold, that looks fun!