Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life Creates Crooked Scars

My life is one big crooked scar. It hasn't turned out the way I wanted or planned. There have been twists, turns, and even complete 180's. Old dreams have given way to new dreams, unforeseen opportunities have arisen, and along the way I've had a been changed.

Often we get "physical scars" because we've been stupid, careless, or chosen to ignore the warning signs. Then we will have those times in our lives where a physical scar has been made so that we can it can correct a problem.

In many ways our "life scares" parallel our "physical scars." We've been stupid and careless when it comes to our heart, emotions, and the feelings of others. We ignored warning signs and advice and have ended up paying the price for that. And then there are those scars we get so that we can heal something else. It may have a bad breakup that showed us that we were trying too hard to be somebody we're not, a job we didn't get to make us see that we would be happy doing something else, or even a fault that we didn't realize we had.

Our "physical scars" will eventually heal and fade over time--so does our "life scars." Our "scars" may not longer hurt us, they are always there. We have those "scars" we wear as a sort of badge of pride reminding us of what we've been through and how we've learned, but we've also got those "scars" that we so painful to acquire that we hope to banish them to the darkest corner of our minds and never bring them up again.

And yet the most important thing I've come to realize about my "life scars" is that they give my life character. My life would be boring without them. While often these "scars" have forced me to grow and learn at times I didn't want too, I wouldn't trade them in. And most importantly, miraculously I know that every time I get a new "scar" it will heal.

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jamesandlindsaylattin said...

This post makes me miss 3 years of great late night chats in apt 238 and 50. You are great!