Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom reached the big (50th) birthday this year.

How do you write a post about someone who has been your best friend and your biggest cheerleader?

I've heard many girls talk about not wanting to become like their mom, but I would find myself incredibly blessed if I became the woman you are (well since I talk like you, I'm halfway there). I know that a great deal who I am today is because of your influence and teaching.

I'm grateful that I always knew you loved me. The love allowed me to know that homes was always a safe place. The older I get, the more I appreciate knowing that there is always a place I can go where I feel loved and protected.

I'm grateful that we've always had a good relationship. I think it came from the many late night talks and art projects. I remember talking to friends who didn't have a good relationship with their mother and thinking how empty their life must be.

I'm grateful I knew that you would always be waiting up for me when I got home or that you were a phone call away. I've been so fortunate that I could call you up and talk about anything-boys, jobs, life, gospel, and anything else. I treasure those conversations as they gave me the tools to dream. How many other mothers who discuss the details after every wedding reception?

I'm grateful for the talents and hobbies you passed onto me. I loved the site of coming up late at night to find you in the rocking chair reading. It's a memory I'll treasure. Because of your love of reading you emphasized it and that has proved to invaluable. One day I look forward to reading favorites you've introduced me to my children as well as including books in Easter baskets.

Thank you for the traditions you've established. For the fact that we could laugh, play, and just be together. For the memories created over the dinner table or on an amazing family vacation.

Your influence has a been a wonderful anchor in my life, thank you! Happy Birthday and I LOVE YOU!

Mom and I at Temple Square

My For the Slavation of the Church show at BYU

Mom and I in London

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