Saturday, May 29, 2010

A fish out of water

For work I've spent the last two days at the Casual Blogger Conference. And the best part, is that I've learned some amazing tips and tools and I didn't have to pay the $185--thank you work.

Want to know what a blogger conference is like? It's like:

1. A singles ward activity
Why? Because everywhere I look all I see are ladies. Oh, there are guys here. You just have to look very hard to find them. Unfortunately, it's the same in a singles ward.

2. A YW activity
Have you been in a room with a bunch of young women? They all talk super fast, loud, and with a little too much excitement. Yah it's like that here.

3. A newly married student ward
Most of the bloggers here are between 20 and 35 and married with young kids. The other 20% are older married bloggers. If you're single you fall in that other .1% (with the other six guys). See why I kind of feel like a fish out of water? :)

Plus what's not to love about a conference were because EVERY blogger has a business card, giving me a whole new list of blogs to stalk.


jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Funny metaphors!

ash said...

Was it worth attending? I heard about this and was curious what kind of things were taught. Would you recommend something like this?

Teresa said...

I love your analogies :) I hope the conference was informative and worth your time!

I'm Jena! said...

single bloggers united!!