Sunday, June 20, 2010

Europe is Wonderful!

I've just hit the half way point of the trip. :(

When we made it to Germany, I couldn't believe that in one week I'd been to THREE very different countries. Each one with it's own unique sites and sounds. I've watched the sun stay up all night (well at least until 2, Iceland). I've seen castles (Germany and England) and giant cuckoo clocks (Germany). As well as picturesque rolling hills (Germany), gyesris and hotpots (Iceland), and beautifully landscaped parks (Germany). I may be still pinching myself to see if it's a dream--though looking at my bank account reminds me that it isn't.

In the weeks to come, I'm planning on giving much more of a travelogues when I'm finally able to download pictures (though the pictures and video won't do any of it justice) that I'm sure you'll all be sick of Europe by the time I finish as I've already taken close to 500 pictures.

Is it bad that I'm already be planning my next trip? Because I am. There are so many things I wasn't able to see this time, that I think I need another couple of trips to see everything that's been crossed off of the list.