Friday, July 23, 2010

2009 lowlights

Like every year there are always some downsides and 2009 was no exception

1. May 22 brought the newest addition to our family, Sara Loraine Orton, unfortunately that day also saw the death of our newest family member. Six minutes was all the time she got here on earth, but it's wonderful to know that six minutes is not all the time we will get with her--we will be with her forever.

For days we had been worried about Sara and the baby because of the complications Sara was having. For days, every time the phone rang I would get this sick pit in my stomach and pray that it wouldn't bring bad news--eventually it did. Baby Sara was beautiful and perfect in every way. They had a funeral service in Georgia, and then a month later she was buried in Provo. The graveside service on that hot July afternoon was beautiful with all the pink. I'll never forget that image of Spencer and Sara carrying that too small casket between them--it was tender and heartbreaking and one image that I never hope will be repeated.

The family at the grave
Spencer, Sara, Laura, Bryce, Louisa, Taylor, Jane, Dad, Mom, Me

2. Two days before Christmas saw the passing of Grandpa Jensen. He has been a wonderful addition to the family and I feel so blessed to know him. Around him it was impossible to have a bad day as he was always full of praise and happiness. I will miss him breaking into song, his belief in us, he love of life (and of the U), his proud Danish heritage, and so many other things. I felt privilege to say goodbye to him just hours before he passed and that was one of the sweetest moments of my life, to feel the tender spirit there and to have that one last time to thank him will be something I will always treasure. His funeral took place on a beautiful snowy day. Elder Nelson (who was in the same medical class as my grandpa) presided and spoke at his funeral and offered wonderful words of comfort before leaving the family with an apostolic blessing. I've been in meetings where an apostle has offered one to a group, or a ward, but to have one specifically given to the family was something I don't believe I will ever get again.

A perfect snapshot of grandpa--medicine, Denmark, and tigers.
The only thing the table is missing is his school spirit and his air force service.

Jane and I at the graveside. Jane sang at the funeral and did such a beautiful job.
Elder Nelson told her "that he was so proud that he burst a button."

You know how much we loved Grandpa when our very blue family wears red
Me, Jane, Taylor, Sara, Louisa

Bryce and Ethan saying goodbye

3. Walking cast and surgery. This was a difficult year when it came to just normal day activities--the gym, hiking, tennis, walking, etc. But as bad as all of those were, the post surgery recovery has been worse. The surgery went well, but I've been surprised at how long the recovery has been. For months I keep asking--will the swelling EVER go down? It eventually did though not during 2009. :) When the walking cast finally came off in the beginning of 2010 I was sooo grateful. From start to finish I had been in that walking cast for almost FIVE months. I'm still waiting for the day when my ankle will be 100%.

The picture doesn't do justice to how swollen my ankle
was when they finally removed the stitches. It was HUGE.

Showing the injuring the Alice received after falling down the rabbit hole.

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Teresa said...

That first picture is so precious. I'm sorry your family had to experience such a tender loss.
And, I'm glad you don't have the walking boot anymore.