Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We talk about miracles all the time, and yesterday I saw a true miracle-- the birth of Drew Spencer Orton.

For a pregnancy that we feared wouldn't make it to 22 weeks, seeing a healthy baby born at 37 really is nothing short of miraculous. And when I held him in my arms yesterday I felt that miracle.

I thought about the sacrifice of his mother, who's spent 17 very long weeks on bed rest in hopes that he would be born healthy and a brother who will work so hard to ensure that his unborn son had the best medical care. I saw their strong faith believing that everything would be ok. I was reminder of the power of prayer and fasting and that those things can bring about miracles. But mostly I was reminded that miracles, large and small, really do exist.


Teresa said...

So precious. Congratulations Aunt!

Brenda said...

Being an aunt is so fun. I'm so excited for you!

Hayley said...

I read their story a while ago...they really seem like wonderful people and I know that an experience like that will make them even better parents! Congrats! xx