Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 9 and 10--Stuttgart

Hohenzerollen Castle
On Saturday, we visited Hohzerollen Castle which is about 50 km outside of Stuttgart. Honenzerollen Castle is the ancestral seat of the Hohenzerollen family and who eventually became Germany's royal family. The best part of the castle was the views (it's located almost 3000 feet above sea level) of the surrounding mountain ranges and villages. I loved watching the fog roll over the villages as I waited for the sun to break though an make the coutryside sparkle. The castle itself is really beautiful with some great architecture.

Emily and I at the entrance gate.

Outer wall of the castle.

View from the castles

I thought this sign was cool, but I have no idea what it means or why it was there.

This picture made me smile. How can you not love seeing two boys in matching coats each taking a picture of the two boys in the doorway.

Sunday was so nice because we were able to spend the day at Church (in an English branch), eating good food, and taking naps.

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