Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Day 4 and 5--Blue Lagoon and Puffin Watching

Cool things about Iceland.

1. You'll never run out of hot water, granted the hot water taste and smells like sulfur.
2. All the water that comes out of the tap is ice cold natural spring water.
3. There are no BUGS! What would life be like without spiders, flies, and mosquitoes.
4. The crime rate is so low, that you could drop a twenty on the street and people would leave it there for you to come back and pick it up.
5. When parents are shopping, they feel comfortable leaving their children outside of the store. And if the baby cries, strangers will stop and comfort the child.
6. It has it's own type of pony and it's the only type of horse allowed on the island.

We arrived in Iceland on Monday night, and that evening was spent hanging out with the YSA for FHE. The cute missionary couple daughter introduced the YSA to "do you love your neighbor," and we had so much fun playing it that we ended playing it for like hours. I may complain about the singles scene in Utah, but after going to Iceland I'm feeling very blessed because there was only about twenty singles TOTAL in the Reyjkavik area.

The couple missionary, Brother and Sister had their daughter and son-in-law visiting and so we we were able to tag along with them on Tuesday and it was so nice.

In the US we have beef jerky, in Iceland they have fish jerky. So all over you'll see these fish drying racks.

We stopped at this beautiful lake.

Because Iceland has so many natural wonders you'll be driving along and then bam you'll find these great features in the middle of nowhere.

The Continental Divide

Standing on two continents

The Blue Lagoon= Heaven.
Located in the lave field in Grindavik and is fed by the water outpout of he nearby georthermal plant so as the Icelanders loved to say, we were swimming in "nuclear waste." But if gorgeous, warm, full of health benefits, is whats swimming in "nuclear waste" is all about then I'm sold

I would have loved to go whale watching, but had to settle for the next best things--puffins. It was beautiful being on the ocean and seeing the hundreds of puffins, ducks, seagulls and other birds that call Iceland home, but to also be able to look back to the shoreline of Reykjavik.

You can't really tell, but that's a sea lion.

According to locals a trip to Iceland wouldn't be complete without eating an Icelandic hot dog at this famous hot dog stand. Famous people who've had a hot dog here include Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger. The hot dogs were actually VERY good and it's interesting because they put their condiments on the bun first and then on top of that goes the hot dog.

We visited the one of the tallest buildings in Reykjavik that had these beautiful panoramic views.

I think that having three months of sunshine would be heavenly (though the 9 months of almost complete darkness wouldn't). This was the sun"setting" around 2 AM.


Amanda and Chase England said...

Wow! What a beautiful country! I am jealous of your trip, but love that I get to live it vicariously through your beautiful photos.

Sara said...

Hey! It was such a surprise to hear from you! You must be in London right now?!

We are back in California right now, and miss living in London so so much. I wish we could have overlapped there and met up.