Thursday, December 08, 2011

ABC of Utah A to Z

A: Part City Arts Festival

Lindsay and I spent an fun afternoon exploring the Park City Arts festival in August and eating yummy food. There was some amazing stuff, though since most of it was out of my price range I don't know if I'd spend money on admission in the future. Though if I did have some spare change, I kind of want one of these. Aren't they so cute?

Beaver mountain

One of the highlights of the year--three days at a cabin on Beaver Mountain with the fam. What's not to love about ziplines, fuse-ball tournaments, amazing foods, beautiful scenery, game nights, hikes, canoeing, four wheeling, exploring Beaver, and jumping into cold lakes? Not being able to do it every weekend! :)

A: Cedar Breaks and Chalk Art Festival

On our way back from Beaver, we stopped at Cedar Breaks for a little hiking. I've forgotten how beautiful it is.

Each June, the Gateway hosts a Chalk Art Festival. I remember doing a chalk art project in high and was surprised at how it was much harder than it looks, so I was impressed with some of the skill and detail of some of the artists.

This guys work was incredible. You can check out his finished piece here.


Amanda and Chase England said...

Sounds like a fun way to explore Utah! I love all the fun places you go, it gives me lots of fun, family-friendly ideas:)

Teresa said...

You look great in that last photo (well, really all of the photos) So fun. You should keep the ABC thing going!