Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness aka Man madnesss

16 college teams=16 randomly assigned boys=man madness.

What happens when you have this brilliant idea to fill out a sweet sixteen bracket and randomly assign 16 boys a final 16 teams? You've got Man Madness, a Final Four Date (we have to ask out the boy that wins our region), and a new piece of artwork on the wall.

Will the number one seed advance, or will an underdog go all the way? Who knows, but I'll keep you posted. :)

Kristen and I creating the "Man Madness" bracket.

Emily, myself, and Kristen holding the final bracket.

The East region aka my region.

Our new artwork.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

London Lover

I have a not-so-secret desire to be British. And since that's not really possible, being called a "London Lover" by a complete stranger and being featured as their favorite blog of the week by one of the top London Blogs, The Daily Constitutional, may be the next best thing!

Checking my comments today I saw I found this little gem:

"Hi, we stumbled upon your great London pics and we really liked them – looks like you had a great trip!

We've made you our Blog of the Week on our blog.

Best wishes,
Editor, The Daily Constitutional & The London Walks Blog "

If you have a hankering to read all my posts about London (they do appear frequently) you can read them all here.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Best. Game. Ever!

I've been to some pretty incredible games in my day, but nothing has compared to Saturday's game and I honestly believe nothing ever will as it wasn't the type of things that will show up on SportsCenter.

Walking into the Marriott Center gave me goose bumps. Wouldn't seeing this do that?

There was an electricity in the air and it felt like the game had taken on a deeper meaning. It was like there was this unspoken hope that we could show the world that we may be mocked and our star may not shine as brightly, but don't count us out. We are in the business of making better men who play basketball, not great basketball players who are terrible men. That despite obstacles we'll find away to achieve.

Then came that deafening scream when the lights went out, the large curtains dropped, and a highlight video began showed that we were proud of who we are and for many it was an emotional moment. As clips from the season flashed on the screen, the biggest cheers were not for Jimmer, but for Brandon Davies who was sitting on the bench with his team. And the fans continued to show their support throughout the game with with chants of "We love Brandon."

If anybody really wants to know what the church is they needed to look no further than the love and forgiveness offered to Brandon. To see him at the end of the game cutting down the net with the rest of his team. I don't know if I've ever been more proud of my school than I was as I watched this unfold.

It's hard to watch a game and not get caught up in the Jimmermania with that boyish smile and the ability to make impossible play after play. After watching him live, I may have been tempted to find an "I heart Jimmer shirt.

Photo credit BYU Daily Universe

I may be slightly jealous that the student section when I was going to BYU wasn't anything like the student section you see now. I hope the new and improved student section continues because I felt it was establishing those traditions and memories that BYU sports is sometimes lacking. Plus, you can't beat watching the student section sea of white break into dance and then having the rest of the stadium stand and give THE STUDENT SECTION a standing ovation.

If you didn't know better, you'd have almost thought we were celebrating a national championship--and I think in some ways we were.

It was our "resurrection" game and it proved that we could do it and the fans there that day knew they were part of history. It really was the BEST. GAME. EVER! because it was more than just a basketball game.

photo by Trent Nelson-The Salt Lake Tribune

Photos used in this post, unless otherwise noted, come from the Jeffrey Alred of Desert News.