Sunday, February 12, 2012

29 Photo Challenge: day 12

The last couple of years we've made it a tradition to heart attack people in our ward and the bishopric. So far we've done a pretty good job of not getting caught and being able to lie to people when they asked for information. This year was kind of an epic fail.

You can't see what's written on the big pink heart in the left hand corner, but it says "You're sexy and we love it." And that may or may not have ended up on the door of our bishop.

We may or may not have driven by a bishopric members house twice only to stop in front of the house right as the son is bringing out the garbage (which probably wouldn't have been a bad if they weren't car dealers and knew what car my roommate drives).

We may or may not have been putting hearts on a door and got caught red handed, to which all of us replied at the same time "dang it" before wishing a happy valentines day and running off (and luckily only one of us biffed it in the snow). The said person who caught us definitely didn't just open the door with the most priceless look on his face and say absolutely nothing.

In many ways the epic fail is even better than not getting caught, because have some good stories that are going to make us laugh for years to come.

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Brenda said...

Love this!