Thursday, February 16, 2012

29 Photo Challenge: day 15

When I started at the museum two years ago, I didn't know how much I'd come to love being there. I enjoy giving tours and talking to non-members, but most of all I love the people who I serve with. I think of them as my second family and they are so good to me. I walk into the museum I feel this overwhelming love from them. They're not afraid to tell me how great I am, how cute my clothes are, what a great cook I am, how wonderful it is to have me on the shift, and why they can't imagine that I'm not married yet. They ask about what's going on in my life and they genuinely care about my struggles and triumphs. I walk out of the museum feeling just a little better about myself. Is it any wonder that the four hours at the museum are some of the best hours of my week?

And, yes, if you leave you get a yellow post it note covering your picture. Don't look too closely at my terrible photo (that was post surgery and I was a little "plump"). As of next week, I'll be the only docent on any shift under the age of 40 so I think I need to submit a new photo and maybe include my phone number. :)

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