Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 photo challenge: day 29

The gray clouds kind of match how I'm feeling about coming to the end of the 29 photo challenge. I normally don't like February too well--it's too dark, cold and depressing. To have a reason to look for the beauty and simple things around me was a great antidote to the February blues.  Who knows, I may decide to make picture a day a permanent feature in my life.

As tonight's storm rolled in, I was awed by it's beautiy and had to take a few minutes to appreciate what I was seeing.  In a matter of minutes I watched the most stunning gray clouds roll in from the west and and completely cover the sky as they moved East.  Those amazing layers of clouds upon clouds, the range of color from gray to black, and mind boggling power by which they moved had me wondering how people could not believe in a God after seeing that?

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The Jeff Bylund Family said...

I too have enjoyed your photo a day. :)