Saturday, February 04, 2012

29 Photo Challenge: Day 4

Today's photo challenge was take a picture of a stranger. How weird is that? First, why, or who would I even find to take a picture of, and then if I did why would I want to post it on my blog for all of you to look at?

So "strangers" were on my mind as I went to the temple. As I looked at the names of the people I was doing work for, I realized something. Yes, we may be strangers in the sense that we've actually never meet, but for those five names I actually had the opportunity to play a role in their life. Which meant that it wasn't just some random encounter that had no effect on either party, but rather I was offering them the chance to partake of the blessings of the gospel and hopefully that would allow us to call each other friend.

Plus, it reminded me that in the temple is the one place where I'm fully reminded that I am not a stranger to Him.

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