Monday, August 06, 2012

Costa Rica--Manuel Antonio (April 13)

Is it normal to read five or six guidebooks and mark them all up with little sticky flags before going on vacation? Maybe not.  But I do it anyway because I don't want to get home and say I wish we'd done XYZ. And not to toot my own horn, but I think I planned one AMAZING Costa Rican holiday. Anybody want me to be their travel guide? :)

After getting our rental car, we began the drive down to 114 KM drive to Quepos and Manuel Antonio and the area didn't disappoint. It was stunning. 

  • Maneuvering the traffic in San Jose and up the narrow roads in Quepos
  • Making friends with the Spider Monkeys
  • Eating the best pineapple I've EVER had
  • Feet in the sand
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • Watching the beautiful sunset as we ate a dinner
  • Fitting everything into our rental car
  • Being upgraded to the "suite" at our hotel
  • Crocodiles, snakes, spiders, birds, and bats on our night tour

  • Being flipped off multiple times trying to get out of San Jose.
  • Red Tide (a once a year occurance that turns the water brown, kills plants and fishes, and put a damper on our snorkeling adventure).
  • The drunk girls who talked the who entire flight (midnight to 5 AM) that made sleep impossible.

The drive to Quepos

Toes in the sand

Manuel Antiono Park
Sea shell gathering

Exit of Manuel Antonio National Park

Kayaking was great. We paddled to the cove in the background of the picture below. In the cove we got to HANG OUT with MONKEYS!! 

Getting ready for our kayaking adventure

On the Ocean

Just hangin' with my new friends the monkeys
chillin' in the cove

trying to forget about the red tide 

the cove

Paddling  into the sunset

enjoying the scenery

View during dinner

Melanie, Rachel, Laura, and I enjoying the sunset

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Valerie Christensen said...

I LOVE all all the photos you took! And I'm kinda the same way when I go on vacation...I like to fit in as much as possible.