Friday, August 10, 2012

Costa Rica--Manuel Antiono (April 14)

In 2011, Forbes magazine listed Parqu Nacional Manuel Antonio as one of the 12 world's most beautiful national parks. After just spending a few minutes in the park, I could see why. It's hiking trails wind you up through the rainforest, before spitting you out along the beach.  With very quick eyes you can see over 100 species of mammals, almost 200 species of birds and hundreds of different type of  insects and bugs.  We didn't get a guide, but as the wildlife is almost impossible to both spot and identify, I wish we had.

Highlights of the park
  • Being driven to the park by our cute hotel owner Bernal and their dog.
  • Monkeys!!!!!
  • Iguana stalking
  • huge plants
  • breathtaking views of beaches
  • playing in the ocean

Park entrance


Playing in the "playa" aka Spanish word for beach.

Iguana stalking. We saw more Iguana's and lizards than any other animal.

I LOVED seeing the all of the monkeys. You can find three of the four monkeys found in Costa Rica in this park. 


Valerie Christensen said...

Thats it! I am planning my Costa Rican vacation and taking you with me! Everything you did/saw looks amazing--

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

Is that Melanie?! What a perfect fun adventure! You guys looks great!