Monday, August 13, 2012

Costa Rica--River Rafting (April 14- part 2)

After the morning spent in Manuel Antiono, we headed into the mountains outside of Quepos to run Chorro section of the Naranjo River.  BEST RIVER RAFTING ADVENTURE--EVER!

The Chorro wound through six miles narrow canyons with waterfalls, rock overhangs and gorgeous scenery. But the best part was definitely the 12 class IV and V rapids we tackled. You know you're in for an amazing time when before they'll even let you onto the river, they check to make sure not only can you swim, but they send you down the river to be practice being rescued. And since our boat did flip and we did need to be rescued, I'm glad those rescuing us knew what to do.  After hearing about other tourists adventures with other companies, I'm so glad that we went with H2O Adventures as I felt the guides really knew what they were doing and that expertise was well worth the higher price--especially when the two guys in your boat are a little hung over. An added bonus was that the guides we're all VERY good looking as as the only girls on the trip, they showered us with attention. Why don't the boys at home do that?

The very first rapid we hit was crazy and tossed us all around pretty good. I really thought I'd broken my nose after a huge hit and thought that if it kept up there would be no way we all wouldn't finish without broken bones.  And for a few of the crazier rapids, I saw the small, rocky, narrow passageway and didn't know how we'd even be able to maneuver our rafts through it, or if we did it would be at the peril of our own life.

Gearing up

This is the rapid we capsized on
being rescued

being rescued
finally into the boat

heading into one of the "tamer" rapids

Some of the amazing views along the way

Because the food and the view couldn't be beat, we headed back to the same restaurant. I loved the fish Casado, and whatever fish it was was some of the tastiest I've eaten. We all ordered different drinks and my starfruit drink was the favorite.
The traditional Costa Rican Casado

Melanie and Laura enjoying their drinks

Bottoms up

What's not to love when you end a day with this.


Amanda and Chase England said...

What fun! I have not yet seen any of these pics from Rachel, so I am glad that you have blogged about this amazing trip!

katie said...

looks like costa rica is now on my bucket list!!!! you all had so much fun...what an awesome adventure :) and yes, i am soooo jealous!

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