Monday, September 10, 2012

August 16--Monteverde (Part 1)

After driving through this yesterday,

 it's kind of hard to believe this was the view outside of our window when we woke up. 


Our room

The view from just outside the lodge
We stayed at the La Casonva at the Monteverde  Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, and while it was strange/scary to be the locked into this huge lodge and be the only guests, it was worth it be right in the middle of everything and to hear the amazing sounds of the forest all day long. And we were right in the middle of it. Not far from where we slept, the night camera caught all sorts of crazy wildlife--puma, margay, wild boars, and other crazy animals I couldn't possibly name.

And just incase we forgot that where were were, these signs reminded us to be aware of the animals and to make way when they crossed.

I think this is meant to be some type of deer.


Costa Rican Raccoon (they do look similar to this) or a sloth--we could never decide which one.

We started the morning with a nature guide and having the guide allowed us to get a lot more out of our hike. Not only could he find the animals hidden in the forest, but he taught some cool things about the forest--like the difference in vines (some grow from the ground up and others grown from the top down).

Our guide

It's hard to tell from these pictures how tall/expansive this reserve was. It was impossible for me to get a picture that covered the floor of the forrest all the way to the tops of the trees.

Trying to find some hidden animal.

The guide told us that this type of tree is called a strangler because it grows up around another tree and then strangles it-killing the original tree. Most stranglers are pretty small, but this one was rare because it was large enough for us to actually get into it. Who knew it would become our most prolific picture spot?

Our hike culminated at this stunning waterfall.

Along the way we saw incredible animals: birds, bugs, spiders, hummingbirds.

And were awed by the beauty of the plant-life.

Who wants to eat inside when you can enjoy your meals here? Laura's actually taking these pictures from our bedroom window. The plants you can see aren't bushes--those are the tops of the some of the trees.

The reserve has a pretty amazing hummingbird garden and there were some beauties.

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Rachel said...

I really love that strangler tree. Some of the stuff we saw I expected, but would never have imagined something like that. This trip really was amazing.