Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August 16--Monteverde (Ziplining)

After lunch we got picked up for our ziplining adventure. And while I loved everything we did in Costa Rica, zipling was so unique and beyond description that it ranks as the favorite activity of the trip. While there are tons of places to go ziplining in Monteverde, we choose Selvatura Park because we wanted ziplines that traveled through the forest, not just above it. It's also the longest zipline tour in Costa Rica with it's 18 platforms and 15 lines that stretch just a little over two miles. TWO MILES OF PURE AWESOMENESS!

While I've ziplined before, I've thought I knew what to expect, but it blew everything out of the water. We alternated between cables that were a couple of hundred feet in the air that gave us the most incredible view of mountains, clouds, and the trees below and ones that took us right through the forrest with trees whizzing all around us. The last cable we did was the longest at 1000 meters (3280 feet) and 150 meters (492 feet) up.  I swear each line got faster and faster (but then again that could have had something to do with the rain). And boy did it rain. We started the tour with nice and sunny weather. After a couple of lines it started lightly raining. Light rain--no biggie. Then it started POURING. You'd think that all of those trees would have stopped some of the rain, but they did nothing. Within a few minutes we were soaked to the bone and had puddles of water in our shoes. Oh, well. Totally worth it! The only downside to the rain was that I didn't have a waterproof camera so I wasn't able to get some "action" shots and videos (but luckily I can do a quick search and find some great  albums on Monteverdeinfo here and here, and some videos from YouTube that you can check out if interested).

All harnessed up and ready to go.

Laura and I waiting at the first platform.

And we're off

Not only did we get to fly through the treetops, we actually were able to experience the beauty of the ground floor as we walked to many of the platforms.

 Once we'd finished all the ziplines we had the option to throw ourselves off a platform at 100 feet and swing through the trees on the Tarzan swing.  How much more fun can you have? :)  This photo I took from Norberto Norbertini, kind of shows what's it's like from the top of the platform.

This video is the best one I found of the last line and you should watch it. But be warned, after you do you'll be a little jealous you weren't here. :)

Sopping wet. Rachel's shorts are the best indication of how wet we are!

Then came the 1.9 miles of  Treetop walkway that crosses through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The eight bridges from 150 feet (50 meters) up to 510 feet (170 meters) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet (12 meters) up to 180 feet (60 meters). In warm weather, because you're in the trees you're supposed to have a really good view of monkeys, birds, and sloths. But we learned that animals don't like to be visible when it rains.

Can you believe this is what we're in the middle of?

Looking up at one of the  bridges

Looking down from one of the taller bridges

Looking out over the forrest
Eye level view of the forrest

Everywhere you looked you were just surrounded by the beauty of the forrest. I loved how shinny the rain made all of the plants look--they almost artificial.

If ice cream is available, I'm going to find it. It's made local by the Quakers. Yes, American Quakers who fled to Costa Rica in the 1950's after Costa Rica had disbanded their national army make really yummy ice cream. Who knew?


Rachel said...

That was a great day. Oh wait, they all were, but I really did enjoy that one. And the ice cream really was amazing!

susan dayley said...

totally jealous! This is my perfect dream vacation.