Monday, October 29, 2012

April 21/22-Tortugero and Goodbye to Costa Rica

Dear Costa Rica, I'm kinds of in love with you. Don't you just want to keep me forever because I wouldn't say no if you asked? Because I kind of HATED leaving you. 

We were told that the best time to see Sea Turtles is after the sun goes down or right before the sun rise. We hadn't had any luck yesterday, so up we got way too early in hopes of catching a glimpse.  We may have struck out in the turtle department, but being the only ones on an incredible beach to watch the sunrise is not a bad consolation prize.

It's amazing how alive the world really is right after sunrise. Our morning ride through the glades brought us the most concentrated sightings of animals, especially birds.

Each boat in our group saw different things, so I was happy that we were see to get a Caimen, a small type of crocodiles found in wetlands in central America.  It's amazing how close we were able to get to it--within just a couple of feet. Unlike other crocodiles, these ones mainly survive on a diet of mollusks and insects.

As we went further into the glads, the views just kept getting better and better.

I've decided that if someone says "I speak good English" they usually don't. So while I'd have loved to learn more about the ecosystems and the culture of Tourtugero, our guides lack of communication wasn't helpful on that score.

Back at the docks after the boat ride
Mawamba lodge was an oasis and with the beautiful sunshine it was just tempting me to stay longer. I could have spent days lying in the sun, walking the beach, and exploring more of the the glades.  Instead, all we had time to do was to eat breakfast before we began the journey back to San Jose.

The pool

The outdoor dinning area
I wish somebody would make this breakfast for me every morning.

Our rooms were perfect with their porches, swings, and cool breeze coming through.

The view from the front door. You can kind of make out the canal  in the distance.

After breakfast we began the long boat and bus ride back to San Jose. :(

At the end of the boat ride back to San Jose.
As we were booking our hotels, we realized that we could stay in a really nice hotel for very little money. We may have been a little out of place in our dirty travel clothes, but that didn't mean we didn't enjoy the plushness.

We had some incredible views of San Jose from our room.

After a rainy swim and a yummy last meal we turned in early as we had to be at the airport at 3 AM. We were told that we needed to be at the airport 3 AM and they weren't lying. It took us almost three hours to go through security (multiple check points) and to get the paper work all filled out.

Saying goodbye to Costa Rica
Waiting on the tarmac

San Jose from the air

Flying over the Eastern side of Costa Rica
Some of us have a knack for looking good after an early morning and long plane ride. I'm not one of them. :)

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