Thursday, January 31, 2013

$20 dollar adventures

Normally when Friday night rolls around and all I want to do is indulge in mindless TV. On my recent self evaluations, I knew I wanted to take better advantage of the opportunities to learn available right now.  While I kind of stumbled into this weekends adventures of $20 dollar craziness, I'm hooked! I loved seeing what I could see/do/eat for $20 dollars.

I'd been wanting to see Da Vinci, the Genius at The Leonard for some time. To see Da Vinci's designs actually brough to life was impressive. Was there anything he couldn't do? His designs were incredible in their scope and technicality and so beautiful in their design.  What four new things did I learn? 1. He was right handed but wrote left handed. 2. He was a bastard. 3. He became even more secretive in his journals after being arrested.  4. He abhorred war, but most of his designs increased the capability of destruction.

Saturday night allowed me to do something I've always thought would be fun. To see if I could do a three course dinner, including tip and tax, at three different restaurants for a set amount of money. We spent every last penny of our $20--bet that waitress loved our tip in nickels and dimes--and had a blast doing so.  Even one of our waitress got into the spirit when she found out what we were doing by giving us free drinks! Score! Twenty dollars can get you cheesy bread with dipping sauce at The Old Spaghetti Factory (yummy), a rice and lentils dish from an organic shop (the apple chutney was the only good part of the meal), and chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (can't go wrong with chocolate).

I'm pretty sure this is going to become a monthly ritual.  I'm thinking Gateway next, but if you want to come you can pick the location. :)

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Meg said...

This sounds like a lot of fun, Ames. Maybe we should do a roommate reunion this way sometime.