Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't be afraid.

Coming up with an idea for an adventure. EASY. Actually doing it. A. LOT. OF. SCARY. WORK. 

Did you know that some of the last words that George Washington uttered before his death were "Don't be afraid." Aren't they powerful? Of all the things Washington could have left us with, why this? I think it's because he wanted not only the doctor that needed to preform a procedure that could relieve his suffering, but, the rest of us as well, to understand that fear is the greatest reducer of our potential. Here was a man who had been called upon to do a lot of hard things, and knew what it was to be afraid, letting us know the secret to his greatness--he did it anyway.

My doing it anyway is still a work in progress. It's a lot harder than you think. And I've already failed miserably, but then again so did Washington so I'm in good company, right?

Those that know my family, know we're history nerds. There's not many people that have had the portraits of  Washington, Nathanael Green, and Henry Knox hanging on their dinning room wall. Next to their portraits also hung one of my favorite quotes. It's from a forum David McCullough's gave at BYU in 2006 entitles "The Glorious Cause of America." I HIGHLY recommend you read it and then read it again.

"Most everybody concluded that the war was over and we had lost. It was the only rational conclusion one could come to. There wasn’t a chance. So Washington did what you sometimes have to do when everything is lost and all hope is gone. He attacked."  

 I've included it twice because it is that amazing.  Plus, google won't include my blog in search results if I just include the image.

Why do I love it? It reminds me that there are times when the only course open to me is to attack. To not be afraid. To jump in both feet not knowing what the outcome may. So this week, I attacked going after a new job and applying for a graduate program. I may fail miserably in both endeavors, who knows. But I didn't attack all situations this week. Major epic fail in introducing myself to my stake crush.

As you getting ready to "attack" do you have a quote you turn to? I'd love to know what it is, so please share.


Meg said...

"You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps." :)

Amesbury said...

Meg I haven't heard that, but I love it.

ash said...

Love this post. I needed to hear it.