Saturday, February 02, 2013

Museum Love

Did you "follow a museum" yesterday?  I did. Adding them to my twitter feed made me VERY happy as I have a love affair with museums. Free, world-class museums is just one more thing that makes me miss London.

My love affair has taken me into the past and given me a glimpse of what the future can bring. It's transported me to the beauty of so many cultures. It's also shown me the evil men and empires can inflict. And it's inspired me to surround myself in beauty and goodness. What a love affair!

It started as a nine-year-old when I was captivated with The Etruscans: Legacy of a Lost Civilization at BYU Museum of Art. I'm pretty sure it solidified my history love and may have had something to do with my wanting to be an archeologist.

It was cemented in that giddy moment when I was finally able to Monet's works in person at the Philadelphia Museum of Art after years of dreaming.

And it came to fruition during all those hours spent at the V&A as I found a love that spoke to my soul.

And I think this pretty much sums up my love.

“In poetically well built museums, formed from the heart's compulsions, we are consoled not by finding in them old objects that we love, but by losing all sense of Time.”

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Meg said...

Ooh, I love that quote. It's true that in the museum pieces that I love most, there is no sense of old or new...just humanity depicted through art and artifact.