Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowstorms and Life Lessons

After countless hours of Disney Chanel due to the most recent batch of illness, I'm finally feeling up to finishing this post that I started last week.

Now that another snowstorm has decided to grace us with it's presence, I thought I'd share a life lessons from the CRAZY storm where we got 36 inches in 48 hours?

It boggled my mind that while were I live got slammed, there were other areas that barely received a trace.  How could the same storm do that? *Cue life lesson.

How often do we feel that life is like that? We're in the middle of the same storm as everybody else and while everyone is receiving what we perceive as an abundance of blessings, aka snow, and we're stuck with just receiving "just a trace." All we see is the physical reminder of what we aren't getting and we get a little angry.

While shoveling all that snow, I realized that I don't always see that having all that "snow" can come with another set of problems. Think about how great that much snow is until you have to drive in it. Then it becomes your worst enemy. Simple, everyday chores becomes so. much. longer. because you're you're at the mercy of the elements. Like your independence,  just forget about that as you'll probably going to have to rely on the help of a friend/neighbor/complete stranger at some point. You can't just sit back and think, "I'll deal with the snow tomorrow." You constantly have to keep up with it. Lastly, just like that much snow may mean that you're required to take a new path in your physical travels,  you may required to change your path or give up dreams.

What we don't see though is that we're being compensated for our lack of snow in other ways--sunshine and blue skies, less stress and worry, and the ability to take the path we want. 
It was a timely reminder that even "blessings" can be a challenge and just because I don't have all the "snow" I want in my life, I haven't been forgotten.


Meg said...

Love this post, Ames. Thanks for the reminder.

Brenda said...

Thanks Amy, I needed to hear that right now!