Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love Affairs

 No torrid details here, just a declaration of my love affair with white pants. I dream of spending an entire summer on Martha's Vineyard  regaled in white pants--skinny, cropped, wide-legged, shorts, and skirts--ala Jackie O.

We've been on a little separation due to the whole not being compatible with bucketload of snow, but that ended this morning. Hallelujah!! 
Don't you want to know some of the other things I have a "love affair" with?

Cadbury Mini Eggs. 
Thank you world for this guilty pleasure. Which I seem to have no will power against. 

Especially when paired with chocolate. 

The smell. The taste. The color. Happiness.

The awesomeness of yellow and pink paired together.

Beautiful typography.
image via

Men in bowties. They kind of make me want to swoon. As will any well dressed man.
Photo via

Letterpress.  Thick paper, beautiful indentations, and the smell of ink. Heaven.
Image via

Emeralds. A girl can dream of "one day."

Toes in the sand. Why, oh, why, don't I live near the beach?

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