Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tell It To Me Tuesday

After all these years,  I'm still amazed by the resilience of the early spring flowers. That they can survive year after year in harsh conditions and appear exactly when people need a little beauty in their life.  But, they are diminutive in size and so easy to overlook. As are so many other things. When's the last time I thought about how my computer worked, or the dissemination of information, or how our eyes see color and process images.

Seeing this picture of my nephew, I pondered what was going through his little head as the world is still full of wonder for him. Where will that wonder take him? How will it effect his hopes and dreams?  When will he lose that pure sense of joy that only childhood can offer? When did I lose that sense of wonder of the small and incredible things that take place daily? And even more importantly, how can I regain it?

So readers I'm throwing out the question, what was the last time you experienced something with unadulterated wonder? Please share. I want new ways to look at the world.

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