Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh, to wander

Who else has a secret desire to be on the Amazing Race? I've decided that in my "auditioning" for a husband, I need to make it a requirement. :)

The downside to Amazing Race  is that it makes me want to travel. Like A. Lot. More. So creative measures have been undertaken to fulfill my travel bug.

Here is the best things I've come across recently.

Surprise, surprise. I follow A LOT of British sites on Twitter and love the little glimpses of home I get on a daily basis. So you can see why I feel in love with this London vs NYC infographic from

As I'm a read-everything-I-can-about-a-place-before-I-go type of girl, having someone else decides where I'm going would be such an adventure! GetGoing narrows down two choices based on price, dates, and what you like and then books for you! You don't know where you're going until AFTER the non-refundable trip is booked. Do you know how much I want to do this?

But the best thing I've come across recently was Virtual Photo Walks. This project restores your faith in humanity. It was started to allow those who can't travel due to age or health issues to be able to experience the world.


Meg said...

You're definitely waking up my travel bug! I'm not sure I'll be able to go too exotic in the near future, but I definitely want to see new places...and soon!

Sam and Steph said...

This makes me miss the traveling days of my youth! If only I'd appreciated everything just a tiny bit more.