Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tell It To Me Tuesday

There is still so much good in the world--even if yesterday's events in Boston would have us think otherwise.  How do I know? Because I saw much yesterday that reminded me of the goodness of human nature. Those small moments reminded me that no matter how dark it is, the bright stars of human kindness and compassion are going to continue to shine. Heros who rushed to aid. The #prayforboston hashtag on twitter. Those Bostonian who opened their homes to complete strangers. The reference to light, goodness, and God. And all of us who got out of bed this morning determined not to let the horror of these events rob us of the life we know.

Image from Nicole's Classes. And you can download it free from http://nicolesclasses.com/stars-shine-brightest-free-download/

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