Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adventures in March, April, May

Yes, I understand that June ends in exactly 5 days and that maybe I should wait until then to post an update that includes June. As I've been so good about updating, I know that if I wait a whole five days it'll be August before it gets up and suddenly you're inundated with a four month wrap up that's too long for its own good.

Sister Orton is going to be AMAZING and the people of Ecquador are so lucky (even if she didn't want to go somewhere hot, with bugs, and third world conditions)!

Here's looking at the future Dr. Orton!

There's very little I enjoy more than seeing a good play/movie/TV with family and friends. New love--Duck Dynasty (don't judge until you've watched).

If you didn't get to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you missed out. One of my favorite all time productions. 

First time at the colors festival and it was crazy!

Isn't a sunburn in equal proportion to the amount of fun had?


Due to a recent surgery (I'm looking at you Lousia) we were not able to make a last minute trip to Disneyland before Laura returned to Germany. We tried to lessen the blow with the following Disney Activities--Disney on Ice and a Disney Themed Party.

Chocolate dipped sugar cookies, Monte Cristcos, Pinneaple Whips, and our Disney craft
Mom was lucky enough to be asked to speak at BYU Women's Conference and gave an inspired talk on the family and it's purpose in the church. And it wouldn't be a function without some last minute dress drama. Added bonus: two days with one of my most favorite people and bestest friend, Melanie.

All the incredible family who came to support.  Best friends. Sisters!
It was great to have Laura for six extra months (even if she did miss her husband) and before she left we had to celebrate with some Orton traditions--food, games, and ice cream!

Bocce. Can I just say how much I love my family and we really are related. Just look at the matching faces we pull!

When you only get to see the niece and nephew every couple of months and they're only four hours away instead of a much great distance? What do you you? You make a day trip to St. George. They were worth the drive because who doesn't want to have more of these two in their life?

The sweetest, most content, most beautiful Clairebear

And this guy just had my heart! 

There is the most amazing bond between Drew and Bryce. It's never I want to see Grandpa, Grandma or the rest of us. No, it's always I want to go to Bryce's house and where's Bryce.

Hiking over the Lava Fields in Snow Canyon State Park.

No we did not plan the whole strip business. #sisters #wedressalike #notonpurpose

And a trip to St. George wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial Site as it's kind of taken over dad's life for way too many years.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This weekend had some good funnies.

First, this cartoon.

Second, seeing Jurassic Park and having an older man snore through the whole entire thing. And this wasn't some quiet reverberation, nope, this was he's-snoring-louder-than-the-movie-and-everybody can hear him type.

Third, Bryce in asking why we have ward conference said "Isn't it just a fancy name for an ordinary meeting?" Almost, buddy. Almost.

Fourth, listening to Bryce quote "Lobster Bisque" from Studio C over and over again.

Fifth,  on my normally quiet ride home Sunday night it was a guy with a cast resting his leg on the side mirror. A car completely covered in newspaper instead of paint. And a car painted in cameo,  DIY style, complete with camouflage netting and other survivalist gear.  I don't even want to know why he thinks that it's all vital.

Sixth, speaking of cars. I stopped following It Just Gets Stranger last fall and missed this doozy of a car story.  It's one of those stories that needs to be incorporated into a movie because it just seems too good to be real.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One year wiser

If you can't tell by the glow coming from the cake, I celebrated another birthday. Downside to adding another year--more candles. Getting them all on the first go so I'm not adding 7-years-of-bad-luck is now more of a challenge-but thankfully I got them all. :)

In the middle of all the birthday celebrations, I kept being asked what the highlight from the last year was. Each time I had to think about it. It wasn't that their weren't great moments, rather it was a super hard year and those moments kind of overshadowed all that was good in the year.

While I'm hoping that this year will be less terrible, even if it isn't, I don't want to reach another birthday and feel the way I did this year. I want to be happy with--and celebrate--all that is good in my life. Because, I truly have so much to celebrate.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Kind of want

Thinking this maybe should be my birthday present to myself. It's kind of awesome!